Main Social Media will be Discord as of 9/4

All with the up and coming weeks, I will be asking you all to transition over to our Discord Social media platform. We here at HamShack Hotline have grown beyond any of our expectations. Our FB page will continue to as a community resource along with our official Discord. Also over the next couple of weeks I will be removing all non HH Helpdesk approved files from FB Files area( I will save on HD) and have HH Helpdesk approve or deny as appropriate when technically oriented. We are not attempting to stifle innovation, but rather streamline information pertaining to technical aspects of service so that our Helpdesk can serve you more efficently. Thank You for your understanding. Ken KA1EZH, President of HH

Using other VOIP services with Hamshack Hotline

We here at Hamshack Hotline are very greatful for your subscription to our service, and we are glad we encourage your exploration of PBX and VOIP. However with that being said, when using other services please use your venders technical support. HH Helpdesk will NOT give you any support on issues created by a third service vendor. Also if your system interferes with HH in anyway your service will be terminated. Thank you for your understanding.

Reaching Out

I just thought I would take this time to reach out to everyone, and to thank all who have and are making HamShack Hotline a success! We have grown leaps and bounds over the last several years. None of us at HamShack Hotline ever envisioned this to take off as it has. It is amazing to see all the excitement and energy that so many of you have brought to the table, to promote HamShack Hotline on your own! I have really noticed an uptick of activity here on FB, but would encourage the use of our Mattermost platform, for in depth discussions and technical speak on HH and PBX, and general communications in general. Over the last several years I have been taking care of the Website, and Social media aspects. I started to dabble into the YouTube side of things, as I enjoy photography and videography. However I have noticed much better talent among our membership, who I think would be better at creating interesting videos for Hamshack Hotline? I am trying to up the quality of promotion, and education of all things HamShack Hotline, and things pertaining to it and PBX systems. I am looking for a volunteer who might be up for the challenge.Please email me at [email protected] 73Ken KA1EZH

Social Media Milestone

Gee finally after just about 4 years we now have over 1000 folks here on Facebook page. Let’s keep growing with more extensions, and more Facebook members. Also let’s not forget our Mattermost platform, remember that’s where a lot more information is past, between each other in everything that is Ham or PBX. Our FB page is literally our advertising method. Thank You again for being part of the Ham Shack Hotline.