So any new projects going on out there? I would think with the stay at home orders pretty much world wide, there must be something new in the world of amateur radio or VOIP land. Bring us your ideas here on FB and Mattermost.We all could use something to do and explore, as I don’t know about you im going stir crazy caged in the house.

Checking In

Just wanted to post this evening. How we all doing with our social distancing? Hope this post finds you all well, with that being said, I am hoping that we are finding ways to use HH to assist in communications during these extreme circumstances in your area? If not for anything a way to break the boredom of self quarantining. I would l love to hear how you all are doing and how HH or things associated with HH are helping you through this National Emergency?


So I am hoping this post finds you all healthy with all this COVID-19 Pandemic stuff going on?

I wanted to take this time to let you know that if any of your organizations, EOC’s need any assistance in augmenting your radio communications for the COVID-19 Pandemic, to please contact us via our helpdesk.

I would also like to hear from you to hear if your organization used HH, and how it helped your communications situation in this current Pandemic.

Again I hope we all fair this situation well, 73


Good evening all just thought I would post something, as its been awhile. I have seen a lot of activity on here, and a lot of you doing in person and video presentations to local Radio clubs.

We ask that as you become more familiar with our services, and like what you see and hear that you would take lead in your local area and promote the Hamshack Hotline. 

Your efforts are really paying off, in just over two years we have gone from about 4 local lines here in MA and RI, to almost 1600 extensions world wide!

We are coming into Spring when many folks start having Hamfests, and Radio Conventions. We would love you to promote our service to the Ham community. If your should need any help please reach out to us here at HH.

Thank You for your continued support!

EmComm Training on HH

EmComm Training on ARES Public Conference 367 The ARRL’s course, EC-001: Introduction to Emergency Communications for Radio Amateurs, has long been conducted with mentors to give feedback to the student. To make the course available to as many people as possible, a new self-study edition without mentors, EC-001-S, has been created. The course is free to all amateurs. Membership in the ARRL is not required. You do need to create a free account at the ARRL web site to sign up. The ARES Public conference at extension 367 is hosting open chat evenings every Tuesday and Friday—US time zones—for amateurs working through the course. These meetings are informal chats intended to add back some of the value of feedback and discussion the course has traditionally had. Graduates of EC-001 and amateurs with long experience in EmComm are encouraged to come share what they’ve learned, too. Amateurs may enroll in the course at For more information on the Public ARES conference, come visit us at Hamshack Hotline extension 367 or contact Ross Bennett at Hamshack Hotline 4972.

Catching Up

Well its been a few months since I have added anything here. Still trying to get my Mojo back, after the Holidays and my wife’s passing.

I see that even in my absence we continue to add lines. I still really would like all of you to continue to pick the ball up, and keep running with it. Telling fellow Hams in your local area about the Hamshack Hotline.

I would ask that we continue to be creative in our use of HH and help others learn PBX systems and such. When there are local conventions, Hamfests step up and have a booth, and show our service. Show others how it benefits you individually, and or your Radio Organization.

Also remember the ability to add your local RF link to an HH extension via Astrix.

Hope to hear more of you on wishing all a prosperous 2020.

73 Ken KA1EZH

Softphone Clarification

All a reminder if you already have a hardline phone on HHUS, HHAP, or HHEU you are allowed to have a soft phone added to your account. There seems to be a thought that we do not assign them. The only reason you would go to HHX for soft phone, is if you have no intention of getting a hardline phone.

Let us Keep Growing!

So how we all doing out there in the land of Hamshack Hotline? I want to thank all of you for continuing to promote our service and community. I have still been reeling back from the loss of my wife back in July, and am trying to get back into the swing of things. As you most can imagine self, family, and job have taken precedent. With that being said, I happened to be looking at the map(thank you David(KD4CLJ) for your continued fine work), it amazes me that in a two year period the map is populated here in the states, and the Caribbean. Would love to see us further spread into Central and South America. Also I look at Europe and mainly see station in the UK, and would like to see other European stations come on board. But I can do keystrokes, upon keystrokes, but it takes you the user to promote the product. So please tell a friend, get them on board! We have grown by mostly Social Media, and word of mouth. Lets keep the Growth moving forward.