Bill introduced to curb limits on restrictions on private land use for amateurs – H.R. 9670

CQ CQ CQ!!! IMPORTANT: All hams need to support this newly introduced bill in the house. We need to strike hard and fast and maintain support for this bill! Even if you don’t live in an HOA, you really need to support the bill for the benefit of the hobby as a whole. Nearly all new housing starts are in HOA communities nowadays and this affects Hams that purchase homes in such neighborhoods. Some hams don’t have a choice (like me) as we moved due to job relocation and were under a tight timeline to complete our move. Our only options were homes in HOA neighborhoods.

Read about it here:

5 thoughts on “Bill introduced to curb limits on restrictions on private land use for amateurs – H.R. 9670”

  1. This is a move in the right direction.

    How does a motivated ham best provide ‘support’ for this bill? Not all of us are politically active or aware of the process to drive this initiative.

  2. Although i don’t live in a HOA community i’m definitely against restrictions on amateur radio operators not being allowed to put up the proper equipment i truly hope that something can be done about this issue. i’ve got several friends that live in HOA communities and are restricted and would love to see them be able to put up proper equipment….Anyway just wanted to give my thoughts on the issue….

    Kind Regards
    Jeff Yates

  3. Hey Jeff.

    As you know, I’m in the UK here and we don’t really have HOAs, thank goodness.

    I guess the major difficulty would be that the HOA agreement is a contract which the Ham ‘voluntarily’ entered into. So, unless the clause is absolutely unconscionable, then I imagine it would be difficult to kick against.

    If so, all that remains (I’m guessing) is to sweet-talk the HOA members and hope that by carefully dispelling any fears or misconceptions, they’ll finally compromise and make allowances for the antenna.

    Failing that, there’s always stealth I suppose. Not ideal, but all antennas are a compromise : /


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