HHX server has been decommissioned

The HHX experimental server has officially been decommissioned and is no longer part of the Hamshack Hotline federated system.

For former HHX users that did not convert over to HHUX, all you have to do is put in a new ticket and select “HHUX (Experimental) New Line Request” just like you did when you first signed up.

After that a support agent will work to get you a new extension number and get you back up and operational as soon as possible.

If you already had both an HHX and an HHUX extension, all you have to do is just start using your HHUX extension and no need to apply for a second HHUX extension. HHUX users can run up to 5 endpoints on a single extension.

Hamshack Hotline would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you !” to both Jeff and Martin for their years of support handling support tickets for the HHX system.