Good evening all just thought I would post something, as its been awhile. I have seen a lot of activity on here, and a lot of you doing in person and video presentations to local Radio clubs.

We ask that as you become more familiar with our services, and like what you see and hear that you would take lead in your local area and promote the Hamshack Hotline. 

Your efforts are really paying off, in just over two years we have gone from about 4 local lines here in MA and RI, to almost 1600 extensions world wide!

We are coming into Spring when many folks start having Hamfests, and Radio Conventions. We would love you to promote our service to the Ham community. If your should need any help please reach out to us here at HH.

Thank You for your continued support!

2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. One of the vendors at the Arkansas River Valley Amateur Radio Foundation (ARVARF) Hamfest in Russellville, Arkansas this past weekend, had refurbished HamShack Hotline phones (SPA525G2) for sale with everything (phone, power supply, handset, cord) at $40. That’s $100 cheaper than buying it new from Amazon, then paying the shipping!!

    After the trouble I had with shipping with the Postal Service with eBay (in getting a replacement item), I thought I’d never get back on…but that deal at the hamfest was too good to pass up.

    Daryl Stout, WX4QZ

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