3 thoughts on “A fresh start”

  1. Hello, I looking at this because someone in my US Army MARS group was talking about it. Also from what I read this seams a great tool for training and technical support for my RACES group here in Oswego County in NY.

    Is there more information than what’s on the web site?
    There was talk of a small fee, what is that fee?

    1. Michael, There is no fee to get an HH number. We only charge a monthly maintenance fee if you want a public number mapped to your HH number. If you only want an HH number, it is always free. If interested, please see our supported devices list & review all the available documentation on this site. You can also join our active Facebook Group.

  2. It was mentioned on the Blind hams Echolink net. While accessibility of other services continues to decrease, hopefully this one won’t leave us behind as countless others have, about the time they get going good. Does anyone remember Skype? hi hi.

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