New RF Number Block

We will be adding a new RF number block(84xxx) for the Arduino RF Nodes.

These have Pros and Cons over AllStar nodes.

Pro: Can have multiple frequencies selected. Select-able via entering DTMF code to change channels.

Con: Only Supports one caller at a time.

2 thoughts on “New RF Number Block”

  1. This sounds interesting, but there is no reference to what it is referring to.

    Are folks using Arduino as a node? Is this a monitor only? Presumably, a node monitoring a frequency with an SDR.

    1. These are very similar to the AllStar nodes, just not an actual AllStar node.

      These are actual RF transmitters that can be ‘steered’ to a specific channel for use. Most channels will be amateur radio channels where you can use the 77 DTMF feature to ‘key the transmitter’ and the # to ‘un-key’. This is slightly different than the AllStar DTMF commands that do the same thing.

      Other channels can be RX only and used as a scanner (of sorts) to listen to non-amateur traffic, like Public Safety, etc.

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