A Phenomenal Growth

All this is just a phenomenal growth period we here at Hamshack hotline are experiencing. It also means an exorbitant amount of work on the back end. I cannot stress enough, in that we are volunteering our time to bring a service to benefit the hobby we all enjoy. We are not a utility! We feel the 12 to 24 hour response to your needs for what we are using it for are quite sufficient. I apologize if you may feel otherwise. 73 Ken Reynolds

A word from the creator(John Rogers K1WIZ)of Hamshack Hotline

#Hamradio #ARRL folks, a few months ago, I launched a free world-wide IP telephone network. In a short order of time, we are soon to pass 200 connected phones! This exclusive network is known as the Hamshack Hotline, or HH for short.

Here is a map of the entire USA showing where these phones are online. We have explosive growth in the northeast, and in the southeast. HH has various conference bridges both public and for specific groups for meetings and tactical communications.

We are inviting Hams who have access to datacenter infrastructure in other continents; Asia, Africa, South America, Europe to spin up servers in their regions and tie them into the HH Core network here in Boston. We are also inviting Hams who would be interested in staffing our level 1 helpdesk.

HH is not intended to replace radio, but rather add to the communications arsenal and compliment emergency/disaster tactical communications. HH can also be deployed over Broadband HamNet mesh in disaster situations. Anywhere an IP network can be deployed, you can deploy HH phones in tactical locations.

Hamshack Hotline Needs You!

Good morning to all our Hotline users. I am extending an invitation for you to be part of the success and efficiency of Hamshack Hotline, by you too volunteering some of your time. We would like to have some folks step up, and assist in the tier one and two technical support for our help desk.

We are also looking for technical writers who can create understandable information, to push forth technical instructions to those with slightly less technical understandings.

With HH Core and HH Experimental, we are expecting an increase use of the Hamshack Hotline. To maintain the smooth operation, and resolutions of issues we need you the user to step up.

If interested please place your interest in comment section below.  I will compile a list. Then I can set up a conference some evening.

Thank You



Core and Experimental HH

Which Network?
HHC (Hamshack Hotline Core)
Requires using a supported endpoint – primary mission is fast and reliable on-boarding.
Endpoints not on the Supported Endpoints List are not allowed.
Quick provisioning – you’re up and running in seconds once HHOPS provisions you.
Direct Dial of all HHC numbers, features, and bridges.
Supported by the HHOPS HHC Team.
HHX (Hamshack Hotline Experimental)
Use any SIP endpoint of your choosing.
Best option for endpoints not on the HH Supported Endpoints List.
Self-Provisioning or work with HHX Team
Access features and destinations on HHC and HHX. HHC destinations may require a dialing
Supported by the HHOPS HHX Team.



Well we have been up and going now for about 2 months now. There have been some learning curves on all fronts. From technical, social media, to the end user. Happy to report nothing major or detrimental to the Hamshack Hotline VoIP PBX system.

We at the Hamshack Hotline Team have been very excited to see the growth of the PBX system. We currently have several EOC’s that are implementing the phones into there communications centers. We are hoping as the system is used in real time, that you all will report back the pro’s and Con’s of it.

My goal as a web master is to hopefully to get some write ups, pictures, and video’s of the Hamshack Hotline in use, and any operational and or technical tips you might have.