Important Note

Good evening all over the last few days our team has been seeing a lot of things that can be resolved, before a ticket is even entered to the help desk.
We have made note on many different occasions most issues can be resolved by going through all our documents in the file section here on Facebook, and on the Hamshack Hotline website.
Our whole goal here at HHC is to virtually have a plug and play install with ease of operation on a daily basis.
Another thing we have also noticed, is an up tick in folks wanting to try HHX the “Experimental” side of HH. This is great, but we really need you the user to be relatively well educated in how to configure your phone and or PBX.
We have had many who have tried to get HHX type phones, who really have not had a good understanding of not only their phone, but IT related issues and understanding of them.
With that being said I will once again say if you are not familiar with technology I would highly suggest HHC, if you have a good understanding please have fun playing on HHX.
I hope this will give folks a better understanding, and help our folks out on the Help Desk.
73 Ken KA1EZH

Growth Reminder

We are growing in leaps and bounds here on the Hamshack Hotline, both our core and experimental side. I would like to take this time to remind folks that when using HHC (core) you need to remember to read all of the FAQ’s and Covenant. On the experimental (HHX)side it’s expected you have a reasonable knowledge of your phone and or PBX system. With that being said it should go without saying the easiest and less hassle system is our Core side. Our experimental is for those with greater sense of curiosity and technical knowledge. Again WE ARE NOT a utility, we all have jobs and family, we are not paid and the services are free.

Observation about Hams

Just a thought I might put out there, how amazing it is how many hams use alternative means for communications. Most have fuller ham-shacks that are bigger with even more clutter than mine. I have had the pleasure of speaking with fellow hams all over the world, especially in the Digicomm cafe. As they are promoting Hamshack Hotline, I would like to return the favor in suggesting checking their VOIP system out. It’s a win win we meet others with the same love for the hobby and things that surround it. And both services grow with additional connections, and more knowledge can be gained by all.

Digicomm Cafe Net

Today myself and Dave W2DAN were asked to be guests on the Digicomm Cafe, a VOIP network that is associated with the Amateur Radio Guild, and the IRN. Today we were able to meet many other brilliant talents in our community,who are as we broadening the horizons in amateur radio and beyond in the communications world. We were able to present the Hamshack Hotline to others, and hopefully continue us the ability to grow. I would especially like to thank Denny Johnson KD5DLJ (HH#4211) for inviting Dave and I to their net this morning.

Looking for Overseas Regional Peers

As it is obvious we see the Hamshack Hotline growing here in the US, but also starting to spread into other countries. We already have a fair share from our neighbours to the North in Canada, a few in the U.K, and one in Thailand. We at the Hamshack Hotline are reaching out, to find others who are interested & able to provide Regional servers in various locations outside of the US. This growth plan will provide more efficient call routing & scalability. Please let us know if you would like to contribute to the success and growth of Hamshack Hotline overseas.

A Thank You

Just figured I would take a minute, to say how impressed I am with all of you. Especially the folks who have stepped up onto the HHops Team. John Rogers, John Bacon, David Neal and myself appreciate your willingness to help. Now we are starting to grow to keep up with the needs as HH grows. With all that being said we still have growing pains, as you all know we are in conversation with Jeff Dale on the HHX side of things, and feel we will have an amiable solution soon. Again those on the HHops team willing to give a hand to the HHX side of house if deemed necessary . So again Thank You all who contribute to the success of HH and all of its platforms. 73 Ken KA1EZH

HHX Provisioning Update

HHX folks just giving an update here. We know that there are approximately 10 of you, with tickets into the help desk. We on the HHC side are able to see that, however Jeff Dale is in charge of that system and we on the Core side have no administration rights to it. We have reached out to Jeff and awaiting a reply on this issue. Thank You for your patience.

A Phenomenal Growth

All this is just a phenomenal growth period we here at Hamshack hotline are experiencing. It also means an exorbitant amount of work on the back end. I cannot stress enough, in that we are volunteering our time to bring a service to benefit the hobby we all enjoy. We are not a utility! We feel the 12 to 24 hour response to your needs for what we are using it for are quite sufficient. I apologize if you may feel otherwise. 73 Ken Reynolds